Dark Skinned Filipina

I like this chick, like my dark skinned girls especially the ones that are confident about it. There’s too much pressure put on women in the Philippines to be light skinned. The advertisements they get away with in this country are ridiculous, pushing that white skin is beautiful and selling all sorts of shoddy cosmetic products that lighten and whiten otherwise beautiful skin tones. The western world has enough trouble keeping up on dangerous chemicals in products I can only imagine how bad some of these skin whiteners are for the ladies here. So Filipinas, be proud of your skin, hide under your umbrellas if you have to but don’t go buying into this white is beautiful BS. I know so many hot dark skinned Filipina girls here that try and hide it or are ashamed or at most shy about it it’s sad, sad they don’t know how good they look. Well, the hot ones that is, ugly is ugly don’t matter what skin colour you are :P But if you’re leaning on the less attractive side I assure you, fucking up your skin with these products or the cosmetic day procedures here is not going to make you get any hotter. Want to stand out from the crowd? Work out your ass, get a booty. A nice booty will make you one of a kind in this land of beauties. Not enough of you girls are hitting the stairs and doing the squats us men require in a woman :P Jesus, what’d I just write? My Filipino porn blog is turning into an advice column for Filipino women. ;)

Courtesy of Trike Patrol
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